What is it like working with studio hippo?

It’s freakin’ awesome! We’re a small team that can deliver big, with the agility of a gibbon monkey, speed of a cheetah, precision of a dragonfly, and friendly/fierce balance of a hippo.

We ensure the client is involved in every step of our process because no one knows the content or message better than they do. And we try to have as much fun as possible and inject humor and entertainment into all of our work. Our goal is to create visually stunning content to keep the viewer engaged throughout the entire video.

No one wants to watch a boring video, right?

What is Studio Hippo?

We are an animation, illustration, and motion graphics studio, built around creating engaging experiences with exceptional outcomes. We create animations people LOVE to watch.

Studio Hippo was drawn up in Oct 2013 by Cameron Walker and Auston Wilson.  Since then we’ve doubled our family to 4 with the addition of a motion designer (Natalie) and a sound designer (Zach).  Just like our namesake hippo is known for being sociable (look it up!) we enjoy working with clients and making friends through our work.  We love what we do and we love bringing our clients’ visions to life.

What does a motion graphics studio create?

Stellar motion graphics, of course!

Motion graphics are built around graphic and text elements that move around the screen. There’s actually a lot more to it but we prefer to keep our explanations simple. Don’t worry, we will take care of all the tech details!

Some motion graphics you’d likely recognize:

  • Text moving at the bottom of your tv screen
  • Flashy bumpers between sports replays
  • 3d spinning team logos during live sporting events
  • Moving logo bumpers between shows on your local tv network
  • Popup infographics during a tv commercial

How long does it take us to make an animated video?

Our timeline is typically 6-8 weeks for a fully animated 60-90sec 2D video.

If character animation or 3D animation is required, the process can take 2-4 weeks longer, depending on the complexity of the illustration and animation.

The final turnaround time is ultimately dependent on how quickly clients make decisions so we can move to the next phase. This interaction with every client ensures that we produce the best quality work that truly meets their needs.

This time period consists of:

• Concept Development
• Script Writing
• Styleframes
• Storyboarding
• Illustration/Graphic Design (Creation of graphics and characters)
• 2d and/or 3D animation
• Sound design

Each phase takes anywhere from 3-4 days to a couple of weeks to complete.

Where do you find your clients?

Almost all of our clients come from referrals.  When we first started out, we talked to friends, family, former colleagues, and tried to find work that way. And that’s actually how we connected with Rosetta Stone.

Our ongoing marketing and sales efforts rely heavily on good old-fashioned lunch or coffee meetings…our treat.  Face to face meetings over a free meal makes everyone happy. And that’s our number one goal.

How much does animation cost?

Excellent question.  Click here to view our pricing.

Currently Accepting Interns?

Not currently, but we’re always open to the possibility if the right candidate presents him or herself.  We’ll need to be blown away by your portfolio and/or your personality.  Preferably both.

We do think it’s important to give back to our community though, and we want to help as many people as we can.  So as our way of giving back, and helping the next generation of mographers, we currently have open office hours on the first Wednesday of every month (3pm-5pm) for anyone that’s looking for education, advice or feedback on animation, motion design, graphic design, illustration, adobe software, cinema4d, etc.

It’ll be a casual, fun, no-judgment environment, and all experience levels are welcome.  Come with your questions, and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

What is animation?

It’s all about bringing life to a subject through illustration and motion. By using animation, we can infuse life into a character or object to help tell a story. Stories are fun to tell with animation and the possibilities are truly limitless.

Great animation uses a character or narration to drive the story and incites real emotion in the viewer. If you’re like us, you watched cartoons as a kid and just thinking about them brings back powerful happy feelings.

You probably have seen (and enjoyed) Frozen or Toy Story, both great examples of the possibilities of 3D animation on a very large scale.

What is illustration?

Drawings, paintings, or digital art are all forms of illustration. Having thoughtful, well-designed illustrations are key to a successful animation. The illustrator takes concepts from the client or art director and uses their creative mind to make the overall vision come to life.

A great illustrator can create beautiful artwork that fits the concept and explains the whole idea in a simplistic and easy to understand way. Illustration isn’t limited just to animation, it’s used for published media, flyers, posters, magazines, books, teaching materials, and motion graphics.

What type of videos do we create?

We create videos that fully realize a clients concept and engage viewers with a perfectly matched branding approach.

Videos are usually between 60-90sec and fully animated for web distribution and marketing through all digital channels (YouTube, Vimeo, client websites, social media, etc).

These videos range from animated explainer videos, product demos, promotional videos, to tutorial and educational videos, and business sales tools.

We also love to create shorter form video content. This is the stuff you can use again and again throughout your marketing efforts, like logo animations, animated gifs, title graphics, and lower thirds. Logo animations are a great asset for applying uniform branding at the start of every video a client promotes.

Many clients need a complex product or process explained through video in a way that is simple and easy to understand. This is where animated video is really helpful; we can deliver that concept or message with a combination of dialog and visuals in a very short period while also making it entertaining to the viewer. The best part? No one on your staff needs to do any acting.

We’re storytellers at heart.

Where do you expand your skills/find inspiration?

These are our favorite tutorials and places to level-up our motion design skills:

School of Motion
Mt. Mograph
Digital Tutors

These are our favorite design/motion blogs and sources for inspiration:

School of Motion

These are our favorite motion graphics studios from here in Denver, and also from around the globe:

Cub Studio
Giant Ant