2015 Agency Gifts

By January 7, 2016Hippo

Special Delivery!

Because 2015 was so good to us, the time has come to give back to all of our clients, friends and partners who helped make it happen. These people inspire us to push our creativity, hone our skill sets and just generally be the best we can be. So for this, we say Thank You!

We partnered with our favorite local lunch spot/popsicle maker, Aiko Pops, to create some tasty treats that would be the perfect compliment to any holiday season.  Because why can’t we have cold treats in the winter too?!  We packaged the 4 Aiko Pop flavors (Blueberry Cardamom, Raspberry Mascarpone, Blackberry Balsamic and Chocolate Orange) in a hippo wrapped cooler, included a signed card, and then hand delivered the coolers, along with hand-made hippo fleece blankets.

Thanks again everyone! And here’s to a another great year!

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