Here at Studio Hippo, we’re a creatively-driven, collaborative design studio specializing in animation, motion design and video production. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes to help them create engaging experiences with exceptional outcomes.

We’re storytellers at heart, and we’re passionate about developing concepts and finding innovative and exciting ways to bring those ideas to life. Above all, we believe in beautiful design, great storytelling, experimentation and collaboration. We look forward to working with you!


So … why a hippo?

Animals are awesome. And the hippo was the perfect balance between friendly and fierce…just like us.

Our Services


We love the endless possibilities of fully animated projects, and the brainstorming sessions for these projects are some of our favorites. We imagine, storyboard, design, illustrate and produce fully animated explainer videos like hippo bosses!

Examples: Avnet+Cisco, Denver Recycles, Rosetta Stone


Characters, scenes, props, icons, infographics, typography…we can imagine it and create it.

Examples:  Avnet+Cisco , Denver Recycles

Motion Design

We love motion design and how we can combine visual effects with live action shots. Adding the right graphics, with the right sound design can really bring your story to life.

Example: iOMounts, Big Adventures of Little Ioda

Live Action

While we’ve transitioned into doing mostly animation and motion design, our background is in video production and we still like to do a handful live action shoots every year. So we can storyboard, produce, film, and edit any live action event, people, place or thing. Need a voiceover and sound design too? We’ve got you covered.
Example: The Street

My experience working with Studio Hippo was extremely positive. From the initial discussions around the project to the outline and even the first draft was right on schedule. It was a nice collaborate effort, which was wonderful. It really was like having an extended member of our own team. We're really looking forward to working with more in the future!

Annette Rebellato, Rosetta Stone

Studio Hippo gets a top rating from me as a marketing partner. Very responsive, able to hit deadlines and most importantly, delivers top-notch creative design. What impresses me most is Studio Hippo's ability to link design concepts across mediums to ensure consistency and a good customer experience.

John Leuthold, Blazent

We were “that” client. You know, the one that doesn’t know what they wanted but had to have something uber. (epic)

Fortunately for us, Cameron was able to walk us through the entire creative process without making us feel rushed. She was attentive to our vision, focused, fun and most importantly to us, patient. The results of working with Studio Hippo is nothing short of brilliant.

Zach Gilltrap, Radio Pharm